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Tiny Homes Built with Heart & Soul

We built our first tiny home, Tahi, in 2020 (thank you lockdown!).  We built Tahi for us, so we used recycled materials, 'stuff' gifted from friends and whanau, and with heart and soul.  Tahi is quite literally a labour of love. And we've have fallen more and more in love with tiny homes ever since.  

So it only made sense that Dean started building them for others too!  

Our second design, Rua, is completely different, using all new (still sustainable) materials.  Rua is 9.4 long, and 3m wide, with the main bedroom.... downstairs!  Fitted out with all the Bosch mod cons, including a wine fridge, spectacular feature window and ample storage (seriously, unbelievable storage!).  Rua is a great example of how tiny homes doesn't mean compromising on space or quality.

We build tiny homes with all the heart and soul that you'd expect if we were building them for ourselves!  And we're super excited about sharing with you. Call us for a chat if you're as mad about tiny homes as we are.

Tahi, Rua, Toru... here we go...!

What we do

We build Tiny Homes for grown ups of all ages and stages.  First home buyers, empty nesters wanting to downsize, or those wanting an Airbnb investment.  Anyone who wants the flexibility, feasibility, fun, freedom and (environmentally) friendliness that tiny home living provides. The 5 'f's as we like to call them!

View our work

You can visit Tahi if you're interested in the recycled rustic feel of a tiny home (you can even book a night or two to stay in Tahi). Or take a virtual tour of Rua ... built with all new materials, with the same heart and soul as Tahi! Anyone who loves tiny homes, or is interested in learning more, we'd love to meet you!

Contact us

Phone: 027 4444 361

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Where we're building right now...

42 Pencarrow Road, Tamahere, Waikato