Would you like to Try, or Buy Tahi?

The original Tahi is available for Airbnb in the Waikato.

And if you're interested in creating your own Tahi, we'd love to have a chat!

Trying Tahi

If you’ve ever been curious about life in a tiny house this is your opportunity! Tahi is an ideal getaway for a couple - to enjoy the gorgeous Waikato, to relax, to create, to have a romantic weekend or simply to reset and get off the daily grind! Or maybe to check out life tiny-home-style?

Tahi is self contained with two lofts, accommodating up to 3 people - a queen in one mezzanine and a double bed in the other loft.  French doors open out onto the sizeable deck (6 x 4 m), and the kitchen has a gas strutted window which opens to create a beautiful in/outdoor connection between kitchen and deck.

The kitchen is equipped with gas hob, kettle, toaster, fridge and microwave.  The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to make a magnificent meal. We also provide cereal, seasonal fruit, preserves, milk, eggs, coffee and tea. 

Bathroom includes shower, composting toilet (most brilliant invention ever!!), sink and mirror.  Don’t be put off by the composting toilet - it’s an off grid experience that is just like a normal toilet without the flushing. We’ll show you just how easy it is to use should you book or buy!

It’s really well insulated so can be both warm and cosy in winter and cool in summer. Two windows have screens in them allowing air flow. 

The tiny house was designed by us and completed during the NZ 2020 lockdown. We're so proud of what we've built - using recycled materials means its not perfect but its imperfections are delightful!

Buying Tahi

The 'first' Tahi is shown in the photos, and is the one we Airbnb. If you're interested in talking to us about recreating a Tahi for you, we're all ears! 

Unique materials and fittings can be sourced to create a character filled, warm and inviting tiny home. This includes wooden joinery, unique pieces to create a One of a Kind tiny home, and hand craftmanship. For example in the original Tahi there are old measuring sticks, an oar is used as a hand rail and an old powerboard ladder to climb into the loft.

Highlights include church windows and skylight above the main loft.


  • Trailer and jacks;

  • Mix of weatherboard and shadow clad;

  • Plywood lining (plain or whitewashed);

  • 2 lofts (one stairs, one ladder);

  • Gas hob and space for fridge;

  • Sofa squab and built in storage;

  • Skylight + 2 x church windows (sgl glazed);

  • Wooden or aluminium joinery (subject to availability);

  • Composting or flush toilet

EXCLUDES Deck, mattresses, blinds, heating, pendant lamp above seating, stools.

From $167,000 incl GST.

Prices and materials are subject to change and are dependent on price and availability of materials.

Tahi is special. If you have 'special' materials or ideas you'd like used we'll work with you to incorporate these if we can. We want YOUR Tahi to be special too!

If you'd like to spend a night or two in Tahi, you can!

Tahi is available on Airbnb. So whether you're just a mad Tiny Home fan, or curious about what life in a tiny home might really be like, you can try it out! And have a chat with us!