How to 'get' a Heart & Soul Tiny Home

Tiny homes are designed for easy living, and that starts with the buying process.

  1. Get super clear about what sort of tiny home lifestyle you want - do you want/need to be off grid, do you want to move your tiny home regularly, is it for you or for an investment.  
  2. Have a chat with us about the design layout, optional extras and timeframes.
  3. Pay a deposit, this will need to be 8 weeks prior to the build and enables us to purchase your trailer, joinery, cladding and kitchen cabinets, all of which have lead times.
  4. Contact us to arrange a time to visit during the build.  The build is between 3 and 4 months. We'll also send photos as we build so you can feel part of your home's build.
  5. With 2 weeks to go we'll get in touch with you to discuss 'handover'.  This will involve booking a low loader truck to collect your tiny home and move it to your chosen 'carpark'. The low loader, and Dean's time to 'set up' on your new location, if required, are extras.