When's the earliest I could start building with you?

Will I need to obtain council consent?

Building Consent
Councils continue to debate whether or not a tiny house is subject to the Road Transport Act (and therefore exempt from the Building Act) or whether it's a permanent structure, which of course means the Building Act applies. We definitely recommend you check it out with your own council, as this could save a lot of unnecessary cost, or worse, disappointment.  For example, your trailer specs can be pretty basic if you decide to build your tiny home as a permanent structure.

Resource Consent
Please contact your local council directly to find out exactly what you can and can't do - because your intended use of your tiny home will dictate whether or not you need to obtain resource consent. 

Generally speaking, each council has a differing opinion on tiny houses, so we recommend that you check directly with your local council for questions relating to building or resource consents.

How long does it take to build a tiny home?

We expect to build tiny homes within 4 months.  Please check with us on current work in progress and approx. wait times.  Trailers take at least 8 months to make so we have a lead time of at least 8 weeks before we start building.

What is the recommended width of a Tiny Home?

A tiny home can pretty much be any size you want. But the bigger you get the bigger the moving costs!  To avoid having to get a Pilot on the road with you, tiny homes should be no more than 3.099m wide. We build all our homes less than 3.099m to be sure to be sure.

How much does a Tiny House weigh?

Tiny homes can weigh anywhere from 3.0 tonnes to about 6 or 7 tonnes - the weight is determined by the size, materials and what is in-built (eg joinery, cabinets, appliances).  Obviously a 6m long single level tiny home with no inbuilt cabinetry will weigh less than a 9m long, fully kitted out tiny home.  

Can I see a tiny home in person?

Absolutely!  If you'd like to build with us we have a completed Tiny House in Tamahere, Hamilton.  This is Tahi - and while it is a tiny home constructed almost entirely of recycled materials, it may still give you an idea of 'fit' and 'size'. 

Rua is being built at the moment - all new materials and to a specific plan.  Additionally we have a few different designs in the making that we'd be happy to walk you through.  Feel free to email us if you would like to book an appointment to discuss your build.

You can also check out Tahi in Airbnb and stay for a night or two.   See the link to the left.

Do I need to place the house on foundations?

Easy, you don't, no foundations.

But you can use jacks or blocks as well as the trailer.

You also need a flat, level surface. A professionally compacted DRY space which is the size of your house (and deck?) is the best option.

Composting toilets? Can I learn more about how they work?

Ohhh!  One of the greatest inventions!  There are lots of different options.  We used Natures Head in Rua but will obviously work with your preferences in any build we do for you.  We recommend you do your own research as it is definitely a personal preference. 

Can I have a plumbed-in toilet instead?

If you have resource consent you can plumb into existing black water systems either septic or council

Can I tow the house with my own vehicle?

The maximum allowed tow weight on New Zealand roads is 3.5 tonnes. You'll need to have a vehicle rated for 3.5 ton towing, a special electronic breaking system installed on the trailer and the confidence to tow a very heavy trailer up to 10m long and up to 1.4m wider (70cm each side) than the average ute. We recommend you contract with professionals to move anything over 3.5 tonnes.

Can I customise my plan?

At the moment we are building to Rua's design. But we're brimming with ideas for Tora and Wha ....  If you're interested please get in touch as we may be able to design what you want, WITH you!  

Eventually we'll have a menu of plans to choose from, and while some aspects will be customisable (as long as the changes are not structural), we may have to charge for the additional work.  Part of this is making sure the plan or proposed changes are even doable!

How do I step up into the tiny home?

Ground levels vary from site to site, so the best idea is to get it in place and consider whether you need stairs, a deck or a few steps. You can request these to be made for your house. We have steps to the deck for Tahi and this works really well.

Will my house have a warranty?

Yes. All warranties for the products in your tiny house will be passed onto the new owner. We also provide a Build Warranty of 5 years whereby any issues will be corrected if they arise and are a result of incorrect workmanship. It will not cover any damage that may result during transportation of the tiny house (as we cannot control the quality of the towing job done/accidents etc).

Electrical and gas work is carried out by our licenced professionals and compliance certificates will be issued upon completion.