Toru is being designed right now...

Toru is our latest design, for those who dream of having their own slice of heaven without any complication.

The layout is unique, tidy and lends itself well to being a sleepout, Airbnb or bach.

Designing Toru..

Flexibility is one of our primary motivations for building tiny homes.  And when it comes to designing options that will suit tastes, conditions, needs and budget we love being able to provide options for you too. 

You have 12 options with Toru - which means you can choose framing, cladding + materials to make your mark.

  • 3x cladding options - iron, macrocarpa and Abodo*

  • 2x framing options - standard timber, SIP* panels

  • 2 x fitout options - Basic or Plus option

Toru's internal layout, windows and roofline are identical for all options.

All options include 2 burner gas hob + gas infinity hot water.

Optional extras - solar, heat pump or wood burner and composting or flush toilet.

What's Abodo cladding?

Abodo is thermally modified timber weatherboard. Its superior durability and weathering make it a popular cedar alternative

What's SIP paneling?

Structurally Insulated Panel: an insulating layer of rigid core sandwiched between 2 layers of structural board, making it extra warm, dry and airtight.

What's included in 'PLUS' option?

Upgraded plywood lining, solar, woodfire, up-spec'd appliances and up-spec'd flooring.

Prices range from $125,000 incl GST for Basic fitout, iron cladding, timber framing. Up to $171,000 for Plus fitout, Abodo cladding and SIP framing.  

All prices are indicative only and include GST. The price of your tiny home may vary depending on your specific needs which we will do our 'level best' to accommodate. It's always best to have a korero!

If you'd like to get involved in the design of YOUR Toru, you can!

We're building handcrafted tiny homes with love, pride and attention to detail.  Because we're not mass producing, we may be able to accommodate your specific wishes to make your tiny home dream come true. This means ideas you have won't go ignored!